Common Cents Mission: Common Cents, creator of the Penny Harvest, nurtures a new generation of caring and capable young people between the ages of four and 24 by enabling them to strengthen their communities through philanthropy and service-learning.

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Schools in Columbus come together to celebrate connecting and collecting. Read more.

ENROLL YOUR SCHOOL NOW! Learn more about how to sign up your school here.
To involve more schools in your community, download the Penny Harvest School Information Kit to share with teachers, parents and school administrators.

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Raise Money and Children:

Partner with a Penny Harvest School

Your organization has the power to change young lives.

The Penny Harvest program believes that the moral and civic development of children is everyone’s responsibility. As a community-based non-profit, you can play an especially critical role for Penny Harvest students from around the country: you can educate them about your cause and ignite their passion to help others.

Every year, Penny Harvest students collect pennies and make cash grants totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations like yours. In addition, many students choose to lend a hand and volunteer their time to help.

Last year, hundreds of organizations across the country were awarded Penny Harvest grants. This year, your organization may be selected as well. Remember: each grant or inquiry from a group of students represents an opportunity for you to teach children about your cause and introduce them to your organization. Potential grantee organizations form relationships with Penny Harvest schools by presenting to students, hosting students on site visits, and providing volunteer opportunities.

In this section you will read our helpful hints on building strong partnerships with Penny Harvest schools and about a few model partnerships between existing schools and community-based organizations.

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